Best deals are safe deals

Unfortunately, we can't be there at all the stages of your communication with sellers, but we can share tips that will help you protect yourself from unpleasant situations

General safety tips

This helps to ensure the person is reliable. People who had experiences with particular sellers leave reviews to keep others informed of how deals went. Take a minute to check reviews before making a deal. Whatever experience you’ve had, other buyers will appreciate you sharing it with them. Remember to view the “Feedback” section whenever you have or plan to deal with a seller or service provider.

Meet with sellers face to face in a public place or request payment on delivery. Check out the item's quality and ensure it lives up to your expectations before you make that payment.

Inspect the item and pay only when you have it in your possession. Don’t give a scammer the opportunity to swap it with another.️

Be careful and avoid scams or frauds such as fake payment services, fee requests, or requests to use money transfer services. Never share your PIN codes or passwords with anyone.

Please, avoid anything that appears too good to be true. For example, unrealistically low prices or promises of quick money.

Special safety tips

  • Inspect the bike to make sure it’s what you need;
  • Run a test drive and consider inviting a mechanic to be sure that there are no hidden damages;
  • Check all the docs and only pay if you’re satisfied.

  • Check feedback to make sure the person is reliable;
  • Agree on the scope of work and remuneration in advance;
  • Meet in person at a safe public place.