Frequently Asked Questions


Bodaboda360 currently offers the following channels to contact support:

1. Email


For questions that are not urgent, we recommend submitting an email via

*Grab a screenshot of your issue

Attaching relevant screenshots to any support requests allows Bodaboda360 support to solve your problem faster. Always be prepared to include or have screenshots ready that show your issue clearly.

Do you provide phone support?

Bodaboda360 has found that we are able to assist customers in a more efficient manner through chat and email. These methods for support also help us keep detailed records about your request.

Note: If you need phone support for Premium Service enquiry, you could always request a call back with Manager's call button in your Profile.

Post your ads on Bodaboda360 effortlessly by following the steps below:

1. Sign in to your profile on Bodaboda360;

2. Click on the button "Sell" or just click here;

3. Complete all the information. Choose a proper category, upload the photos of your item, and write a clear title with a detailed description of what you're selling. After that, enter a fair price and double-check the information you've entered;

4. If everything looks fine, click on the "Post Ad" button;

That's all you need to do! Welcome to our great Bodaboda360 Fam!

To enjoy shopping on Bodaboda360, you need to follow our simple guide:

1. Search for the item

Use a search panel with filters and find what you need. We have over a million adverts, so you can choose exactly what you are looking for.

2. Contact a seller

You may chat on Bodaboda360 or call the seller via phone and set up a meeting face to face, discuss some details or negotiate about the price.

3. Take your item or order a delivery

We check our sellers carefully, but it's always better to check twice, right? Meet with the seller in a public place and be sure to pay only after you get the item.

4. Leave your feedback about the seller

Feel free to tell us about your experience: write your feedback on the seller's page. Other buyers will thank you one day ;)

If you see something suspicious on Bodaboda360, please let us know about it by following the steps below:

1. Click on "Report abuse"

2. Select the reason for your suspicion:

3. Type in your comment with all the details that can help us understand the case better and click on the "Send" button.

Our Support Managers will consider your request shortly. If your report proves that we've faced a scam case, we will block such a seller immediately.

Thanks to your caution, the Bodaboda360 platform will be more secure for millions of users. Safety first!


An online marketplace is a place where people buy from people. It’s like a local market, but with one difference: you can buy and sell online without even leaving a room. More than that, here you can also find a job or order services from Kenyans that are close to you.

Basically, whatever you need is here. Just type it in search :)

No, as we are not a shop. Bodaboda360 is the marketplace — here you can sell your stuff, buy goods from real people, find a job or services you need. Any deal you make, you make with people. And we exist just to help you find each other.

No, we don’t. But you can always discuss with the seller a comfortable way of delivering.


At first, don't worry! If you've faced such a situation, we recommend:

1. Wait a bit while your ad is under review. It's quite possible that our moderators are checking your advert and it will appear in search results within a few hours.

2. Check your inbox. You will receive a notification when your advert goes live. If there is something you should edit, we'll specify that as well.

Important! If you make some changes to your advert, it will go for review again. It won't be shown in search results while we're checking it.

To check the statuses of all your ads or make edits to them, sign in to your Bodaboda360 account and click on "My Adverts".

We've prepared a few pieces of advice to help you sell like a pro:

1.Pay attention to details

Take relevant pictures of your goods, write a clear, detailed description and fill out all the fields in your profile. These will help your customers learn more about you and your product.

2.Make your advert as risk-free as possible

Remember that people are afraid of sending prepayments so we strongly recommend not to request them. Find a way to collaborate with delivery services that allow buyers to pay after they inspect the product and make sure it's what they want.

3.Stay in touch

Don't make potential buyers wait for your replies too long. Instead, be online or use Boost Packages to always get SMS notifications on new messages.

4.Pay attention to your rating

Feel free to ask your customers to leave feedback about their experience with you — the more positive reviews you have, the higher your chances to attract more buyers.

5.Use Premium Services to get up to 500x more customers!

If you really need to sell something fast, Premium Services are your way out! Whatever your item is, you’ll get the most effective and unbelievable promotion for it! To learn more about the different types of Premium Services we offer.